Our team

Amir Vahedi

Regional Director (Sweden)

Amir has more than 15 years’ experience in numerous successful projects relating to international company establishment, development and growth in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Spain. He is multilingual and speaks 5 languages fluently such as Persian, English, Swedish, Estonian and Finnish.



+46 (0)72 246 27 82

Ardo Alliksaar

Recruitment Manager

Over 10 years of experience in recruitment. During his career Ardo has recruited over 1300 employees.


+372 51 792 29

Vesa Romppanen

Sales Manager

12 years’ experience in sales and customers service.


+358 400 609 210

Elvis Pilaids

HR Specialist

Human Resource specialist with various industry experience.


+371 200 200 62

Karin Kont

Client Specialist

Client Specialist with over 20 years of experince in international market.

+358 400 164 039

Guido Kont

Representative for service and production industries

Guido has over 25 years of experience in the sales and production industries in Finland, Russia and the nordic countries.


+358 403 505 148

Otto Söderström

Representative for construction sector

Otto has long experience working with foreign recruitment. He has been closely involved with us for 4 years.


+358 400 178 328

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