About us

A culture of fairness and responsibility

Estram Oy is a company providing personnel services. Our goal is not to be the largest but the best service provider. In this way, we ensure that our customers receive a personal and trusted service in all personnel issues. The key personnel of Estram Oy have more than 10 years of experience in personnel rental.

Estram Oy operates under all laws and ethical rules, guidelines and principles. This is a guarantee for long-standing partnerships.

Benefits of leased workforce

Staff leasing is flexible and maintains cost control, especially in project and seasonal work.

You can concentrate on your own profitable core business, we handle issues related to employment.

We take care of the entire recruitment process for you.

Staff leasing offers you motivated professionals right where you need them the most. If the need for a worker becomes permanent, you may also want to recruit a temporary agency worker directly to your service.

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